Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Extra Ordinary Women

Today my dear hubby said I needed to post some of my other work. He is my best admirer and critic!

Last year I worked on three portrait paintings from the Heifer International Charitable Organization's magazine, "World Ark". I was fortunate to get the permission of the photographer, Geoff Bugbee, to copy and paint these lovely ladies. Geoff is a humanitarian photojournalist specializing in global health issues. Geoff's work is awesome. Please check out his site at
My goal is to get a series of several ladies done and have a show to help support Heifer's humanitarian causes. Heifer's site is
In another post I will give you a little history of these wonderful women.

8x10 pastel on suede board

9x12 pastel on Ampersand Board

9x12 pastel on Ampersand board

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